Learn Stuff From Ellie!

Ellis takes private singing and speaking students as clients

in NYC, San Diego, San Francisco, and online via Skype.


Rates And information available through her teaching site Singing Lessons NYC.

You can learn these exciting skills from the woman behind

the critically-acclaimed voice:


Jazz phrasing and feel (groove)


Technique (how to sing and use your voice to better advantage)


Communicating with instrumentalists (including how to quickly tell

instrumentalists how to play your song without spending a lotta

time doing it.  Very handy when you’re sitting in!_


Technique for pop, R&B, Soul, Opera, Rock, Jazz, Blues, and anything else you

wanna throw at her


And the ever-popular much, much more


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Ellie’s Teaching CV

Ellie’s students have played venues worldwide from the smallest

restaurants in Paris to the 13000+ solo concerts At coliseums and

they have won many awards from local to Grammy-level.  One was

even nominated for an actual GRAMMY stateside.  For even more

please go here:


Singing Lessons NYC