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Photo by Ellie’s #1 fan, Bill Summers, Tucson, AZ.



Images above from top left

  • Ellie, head-shot by Nikhil Sarma (top left)
  • Marquee and line before show by Nikhil Sarma (top right)
  • Iconic image made by Michael Mecca off a Nikhil Sarma print (2nd to top left)
  • Ellie England singing at Lestat’s West on one of the Black Valentine’s Day shows – featuring only tunes where someone is forgotten, neglected, jilted, stood-up, broken up with, or (hopefully) shot by their lover (photo by Tuscon, AZ fan William Summers – thank for sending that in, Bill!)
  • Image by Nikhil Sarma
  • image by Nikhil Sarma – the late
    Shep Meyers (Anita O’Day, Ella Fitzgerald, Julie London, etc) on keys
  • Former music director for Ellie
    ‘s Jazz Trio – Eddy Sambuaga of Indonesia (photographer unknown)
  • Ellie, press photo for Elbo Room in San