Learn Stuff From Ellie!

Ellie knows a lotta stuff. She THINKS she knows even MORE.

So why not take some lessons or do a mentoreeship (this is a

new word, BTW) with Ellie and inflate her ego even bigger. It

already is too big for carry-on luggage and she has to check it

at SFO, but if you do a mentoreeship with her, whatever that

might entail, you will help us to help you to help us to help

you to inflate her ego even further!


Rates are $80-110/hour and booked in 40 minute increments.

You can learn these exciting skills from the woman behind

the critically-acclaimed voice:


Jazz phrasing and feel (grooze)


Technique (how to sing and use your voice to better advantage)


Communicating with instrumentalists (including which one-

syllable words to use to communicate your song quickly and

efficiently with a new or pick-up band)


Technique for opera, rock, jazz, blues and anything else you

wanna throw at her


And the ever-popular much, much more


Contact Ellie for booking information!


Ellie’s Teaching CV

On a serious aside, Ellie’s students have played venues worldwide

from the smallest restaurants in Paris to the 13000+ solo concerts

and they have won many awards from local to Grammy-level. For

even more information (and less lip),

please go here: